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3v3 Basketball

Why Bethel recreation leagues moved to 3v3

Beginning this season, Bethel recreation basketball leagues for boys and girls in grades 3rd through 6th will play 3v3.   Why have we decided on this change?

3v3 basketball is uniformly known as the best way to develop young basketball players.  There are numerous benefits.  

  1. Players will touch the ball more.
  2. There is more room on the court.
  3. All the basic and most common movements of basketball are utilized.
  4. No zone defenses.

Through the years, Bethel Youth Basketball has lacked a unified approach to teaching the game of basketball.  Too often, each rec team would have its own approach and sacrificed development for winning games.    Changing the league to 3v3 will allow us to have all coaches teach the same fundamentals of basketball appropriate at these ages.

Bethel Youth Basketball Questions

Why 3v3 is the best youth development:
Think 3v3 isn't "real" basketball?